Spa Treatments

Holistic Services:

Shamballa Reiki Master
Working together to bring your body in balnace. I am here to facilitate the energy to you through my hands to help you balance your energy.

Sound Therapy
Using a tuning fork and crystals to break through blockages in the body using the chakra and meridian system.

Crystal Facials
Using a Herkimer diamond on face, hand and feet points. This technique firms the face and lessons lines to give you a youthful look without products or machines.

Hand Analysis
Learn your life purpose through your hands. 

Fingertip Analysis/Palm Analysis; major lines, heart, life, head
Palm Analysis; minor lines
Gift Markings

Pulling Cords
We are all energetically attached to people. Sometimes these connections need to be broken. This technique will do this on an energy level, releasing the cord from you.

Touch For Health
Kinesiology based body balancing. Working through muscle testing to bring the body into balance.

Working with the meridian system to bring balance to the body.